Adult Testing

Our Adult Taijutsu program is not about memorizing sequences of moves or partner choreography. Instead, we want to see that you can effectively apply the various concepts from class and that you are improving between belts.

To this end, every belt consists of five parts –


Show us you can throw skilled strikes as well as defend against a striker.


Show us you can put your opponent off their feet and safely be taken off of yours.


Show us that you can handle yourself on the ground, getting back to your feet, or controlling your opponent.


Show us you can defend yourself from these unique situations.

Fight Simulation Crucible

In this round, your partners will change every 60 seconds and are allowed to attack you in whatever manner they choose.

Note: Depending on what the instructors see each round, they may ask you to demonstrate specific concepts.

The first four sections (striking, takedowns, grappling, self-defense) of the test will last between one and three minutes to allow the instructor a chance to see everything they need to. The fifth round (Fight Simulation Crucible) duration depends on your current belt rank.

Belt RankCrucible Time
White Belt5 Minutes
Blue Belt7 Minutes
Red Belt9 Minutes
Green Belt11 Minutes
Brown Belt13 Minutes
Black Belts15 Minutes