Spring Gathering 2022

Our elemental approach seems fairly straightforward on the surface. However, without the proper mindset and understanding, you can quickly find yourself falling into the trap of tactics without strategy.

We refer to this as the negative side of each element. Against someone with no strategy of their own, the negative side can work, but will quickly lead to defeat against a more sophisticated opponent.

Earth – Ground Holding

Holding your ground in a striking encounter is harder, and scarier than most people realize.

Tactics – Allowing your opponent to land their strikes on a protected body part rather than it’s intended target.

Negative Strategy – Simply covering up or blocking and taking a beating.

Positive Strategy – Using positioning and structure to deal passive damage against an attacker who thinks they are winning.

Offensive Earth – Up close and personal strikes that force your opponent to retreat or be burried under an avalanche.

Water – Intelligence Evasion

Intelligent evasion is about drawing your opponent off-balance while staying out of range but making your opponent feel like they are still in range.

Tactics – Avoiding your opponent’s attacks by retreating to make them have to chase you.

Negative Strategy – Running away and creating so much distance that both you and your opponent need to reset to continue the engagement.

Positive Strategy – Drawing your opponent out just far enough that they think if they just continue the attack, they’ll be able to make contact.

Offensive Water – Drawing your opponent off balance while dealing damage with the same timing.

Fire – Invasive Striking

Perfect timing to cut off your opponent’s lines of attack and drive them back simultaneously.

Tactics – Direct positioning and striking to overwhelm your opponent.

Negative Strategy – Violence for violence’s sake. Non-stop attacking.

Positive Strategy – Stop-hit striking to unbalance and damage your opponent.

Offensive Fire – Sudden and surprising strikes from unexpected directions.

Wind -Slipping Evasion

Effortlessly moving into the gaps created by your opponent’s attacks and movements while simultaneously delivering your own.

Tactics – Evading your opponent’s strikes while remaining close enough to deliver your own.

Negative Strategy – Excessive movement with no discernable purpose.

Positive Strategy – “Fitting in” movements that put you close enough to negate your opponent’s movements and strikes.

Offensive Wind – Strikes disguised as simple movements rather than overtly offensive ones.