Martial Arts for the Whole Family

Welcome to a Dojo where training happens in a different way. Get active and come workout with us!

Family Owned & Operated

Welcome to our Dojo

We opened EoSD Family Martial Arts in 2012 to bring authentic ninja skills to Western Kentucky.  Since then, our little community has grown and spread beyond the Hopkinsville area. 

Our journey has taken us all over the United States to bring the best of the best home to our dojo and teach it directly to you.

Why Train With Us?


Our dojo community will quickly become your second family. Everyone wants you to be your best and will help you get there.

Mindful Training

Our training goes so far beyond just the physical and includes the mental and emotional effects of self-defense and martial arts.

Custom Training

Our curriculum is adjusted based on your age, experience, and needs. Meaning that you will always have the exact skills you need.


Ms. Billie and Mr. Dusty have been so good with my girls. EOSD is a very family-friendly place. We felt very welcomed from Day 1. Watching the smaller kids kick Mr. Dusty or flip him, thinking they are big stuff does wonders for their self-esteem! Not to mention all the awesome things they do around the community! Just down right good people.

Me and my 3 boys went for a trial to see how the boys would do. First off we felt very welcomed by EVERYONE including the students. After learning about the things they do in the community and the things they do with the kids I was sold. Me and the boys will definitely be back. The selection of programs can keep you and your kids busy all week! Keep it guys!

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Ninja Kids



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