Virtual Dojo Member

Virtual Dojo Member

Everything you need to train from home.

Are you looking for Self Defense Instruction? The EoSD Virtual Dojo is great for you! Our step-by-step instructional series contains everything you need to learn our techniques. EoSDFamily Martial Arts Head Instructor, Blackbelt, and school owner Dustin Huber breaks down the training for you in an easy-to-understand, easy to follow, systematic progressive training program.

Our library of training will be continuously updated with new techniques and training tips.

Join the EoSD Virtual Dojo, you won’t be disappointed.
If you’re a coach looking to implement a program into your school, contact us today to learn about Garage Dojo AffiliateProgram.

Note: Online training is a source of information, it does not replace mat time. You still have to put the mat time in.

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